Monday, November 30, 2009

Yee Fow Center

As part of the Sacramento Railyards to commemorate Chinese heritage a privately-funded Cultural Center is currently being planned to provide cultural exhibits, performances, banquets, and a world-class trade facility. The development of the Yee Fow Center of History, Culture and Trade would also include residential, museum, library, educational class rooms, retail, and offices for trade oriented companies/associations, fitness center, and Chinese Garden.

The Trade Center includes a Residential tower of an approximate 40 stories with 360,000sf, Chinese Garden landscape of 1.38 acres, podium with office space of 93,000sf, history and culture center 100,000sf, retail 63,000sf. A “Feasibility Study” to determine the framework defining revenue, operating expenses, capital cost, and anticipated attendance still needs to begin. Stantec Design Firm did these renderings back in 2008.

More information on the Yee Fow Center

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