Friday, January 15, 2010

The Core Arena Proposal

This concept is one of my favorites and turns what is now four blocks of a dying mall into an entrainment complex with a shopping mall wrapping it on three sides. I really like the rendering above of the arenas glass walls traveling up its wall opening it up to people on the street. The roof top gardens are also a special feature that would be unique that everyone could enjoy.

I believe the developer expects to spend around $500 million to build this all-around handsome center but something tells me it would be closer to $700 million after the land is bought from Westfield and demolition costs are included. I don’t remember hearing where financing would come from but that doe’s not mean it was not discussed during the busy night. If anybody can fill me in please post a comment.

This is the kind of facility that would really draw people to the area and I hope it can be pushed forward in the development process. The proposal was presented by Ali Mackani with the support of Lionakis and and The Makers Lab.

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Sheen said...

Both the pictures of core arena given in this post...looks damn beautiful and amazing.
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