Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility Event and Art Center

Thomas Enterprises, Inc. has a proposal of a Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility (“SITF”) that would make our city proud. To be located just behind the RR Depot after the tracks are moved north, this would be a $500 project that would have key design aspects including visual references to the history of the project site and its significance as the western terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad. Similar architectural design elements would be integrated into the complex like the existing historic Depot, REA building, and Central Shops Historic District. The Arts Center along with the elevated Pedestrian Bridge will serve to link the historic districts and downtown Sacramento as a unique, historic, point of destination with a clear sense of purpose and place for visitors and residents. A parking structure for 1,200 parking spaces would be attached to the SITF building with the intent to distribute parking for the Event Center within a 15 minute stroll, using downtown’s existing 12,000 public and private spaces within that radius.

Their financing strategy includes a public-private partnership (“PPP”) comprised of the City of Sacramento, Thomas together with other partners. The PPP will include the operators of the Community Event Center and the Community Art Center as well as other developers and public entities. It is anticipated that the Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility including the Events Center and Arts Center, will be publicly owned. The land to build the SITF is already owned as a PPP and does not require any acquisition costs or significant infrastructure costs.


iadam said...

i like this, but the thing i never understand , with building in older areas, is why do developers go so soft with "integrating" surrounding architecture. to recreate the past seems like a complete disservice to the historical significance of the depot. It was built to be bold, grand, new, modern (for that time) so why is this arena not picking up on that, and the design keeps with the nature of the depot, and is also bold, grand, new and modern? its very easy to build a building in red brick, and say it "integrates" that's a cop out for really not "getting it" in my opinion, but enlighten me please :)

The same thing has happened with the crocker (BIG(!) missed opportunity there) the new city hall, to name a few. But dont get me wrong, sacramento is doing fine, its just very "normal"

Zwahlen Images said...

I do know that the City has guidelines in place so when developments are built in historic districts that they ensure both the form and materials used relate positively to historic buildings... and it's the Design Commission who determines if those needs are meet. There is nothing in the guidelines about recreating the past, just that that project relate in some or several ways. I like how AT&T Park turned out in San Francisco; if this arena was similar to that I'd be happy.,2,Slide 2

Marvin said...

nice center!

Walter said...

Nice! This center could hold hundreds of people in an event. The place is great to share great moments, like what we usually do in Denver. Outdoor concerts are perfect to share romantic moments and happy moments during summer events. Denver is a good place to enjoy and have fun.