Wednesday, March 24, 2010

D & S Development Promenade on K Street Proposal

This proposals modest in size and flash but doable as a project that brings everything downtown needs to get more activities in the area. The Promenade brings retail using the original historic fabric of existing K Street on the 700 block, adds additional sidewalk seating and bicycle parking, adding kiosks to partially separate the pedestrian and light rail tracks to bring the vitality of the retail out into the street.

In an effort to develop a retail atmosphere, the developer plans to remove the inefficient rear 66-feet of long narrow retail spaces at mid-block. The remaining, shallower, 94-foot deep retail spaces will be rent to specialty retail shops. Within the rear 66-foot space carved from the inefficient portion of the existing structures, garage accessed from the alley will be created with a new secured bicycle and motorcycle area and parking for 92 vehicle. Above the parking will be four levels of high-density housing with a portion of the retail structures in the center of the block to create a green roof. Most dwelling units will be between 480 and 1200 square-feet with a total of 136 housing units and 37,480 sq. ft. of retail space

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