Friday, March 05, 2010

R Street Improvements

This May construction will begin on the first phase of a four-phase revitalization of R Street in downtown. Phase one of construction is to implement parking restrictions along R Street at an estimated cost of $4,362.00. When finished, this project will improve the streetscape with new roadways and sidewalks along R Street between 10th Street and 13th Street. Based on a request from CADA and feedback from property owners and businesses, parking restrictions will be implemented prior to the start of construction allowing the City to move forward with Phase I of the project and minimize the impacts to neighboring businesses, property owners and customers. The project consists of replacing the asphalt and concrete roadway section, placing raised pedestrian walkways and valley gutters, installing industrial looking street lighting, and providing 90 degree and parallel parking along R Street.

In response to a-request from CADA on behalf of the businesses and property owners, a letter outlining the proposed regulations and soliciting comments was sent to the businesses and property owners that would be impacted by the changes. Of the 57 businesses and property owners in the impacted area, 46 (81 %) responded. 34 (74%) of the respondents voted in favor of the proposed changes and 12 (26%) voted against.

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