Thursday, June 10, 2010

K Street Nightclub and Pizzeria

Work continues along the 1000 block of K Street where David S. Taylor Interests Inc. and CIM Group are bring a vintage Dive Bar, pizza restaurant and upscale night club to three building that have been vacant more than eight years. The project received a $5.7 million subsidy from the city which also included the land last year to kick start the project. The money came from a pool of proceeds from the sale of the downtown Sheraton and are earmarked for downtown development. San Francisco entrepreneur George Karpaty, a seasoned night club and restaurant owner, plans to open three venues on the block: a nightclub for the over 30 crowd; a "dive bar" with an aquarium behind the bar; and a gourmet pizzeria. Karpaty will try to stand out in Sacramento with three unique businesses: Frisky Rhythm Dance Club, Pizza Rock and Dive Bar which will be a warm water, 100,000-pound aquarium with an occasional visit by a mermaid or a merman. It looks to me the exterior design changed a bit since the renderings were released, the buildings now look to have second story windows, but I don't think they are anything more than show.

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