Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Railyards

Despite the start of foreclosure proceedings with the Railyards a couple weeks ago, infrastructure and construction progress moves forward with all the earth work finished for the three 5th and 6th Streets bridges. It’s now time for pile driving and bridge construction with approximately 220 pipe piles for three bridges, each 103 feet long and 4.3 tons in weight. Pile sections welding is in progress at this time and footings have been excavated.

Last May five construction bids to move the railyard tracks to the north came in higher than the city was budgeted for, so as of today the city is still deciding how to bridge the funding gap to proceed forward. Design work on additional infrastructure projects, including major roads and a concrete viaduct along 5th Streets east of the Central Shops, will also go out to bid soon.

Follow The Railyards redevelopment effort in pictures by visiting http://www.sacramentorailyards.com/ and clicking on VIEW LATEST IMAGES.

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