Monday, September 12, 2011

Retrofit of Sacramento Valley Station

This Tuesday the 13th, the City Council will approve plans for the structural retrofit of the Sacramento  Valley Station. Diede Construction, Inc. will be awarded the contract for $8,869,000. An additional $50,000 will be added to the total from AMTRAK to demolish several communications tower as part of the Sacramento Valley Station Structural Retrofit job. The project will be paid for with Measure A Funds, Historic Places Fund, Federal Transit Administration Grant Funds, California Transportation Commission, and State Public Transportation Account Grant Funds.

Structural Retrofit involves completion of structural upgrades, improvements in facility accessibility and completion of life-safety work necessary to protect the public and seismically stabilize the building.

The approval of this project will support 254 jobs in the City of Sacramento based upon the model provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of one new job for every $35,000 of transportation project investment. Structural Retrofit work is planned to begin in fall 2011 with completion by Spring 2013.

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