Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sutter's Landing Park Solar Project

Sutter's Landing Park Solar Project Mound and Site Plan

The City of Sacramento is working with Conergy on a potential Solar Park located at the former 28th Street Landfill (now known as Sutter's Landing Park). The proposed Solar Park will generate up to 20 megawatts of power (that's enough to power 15,000 Sacramento homes). The power from the facility will be sold and will help generate revenue for the City.

The City and Conergy are currently seeking a special use permit for 95,300 solar modules and will then conduct a CEQA review. Pending City Council approval and amendments of the State permit for the landfill, the City anticipates work to begin on this project in summer 2012.

The landfill operations occupied approximately 172 acres. The landfill was used for disposal of nonhazardous residential, commercial and industrial wastes, collected primarily by the City’s waste collection services. Refuse filling took place beginning in 1963. The landfill has not accepted new waste since 1994.

The proposed solar project is a Department of Utilities-sponsored project on City property that has not been released yet for park development because the landfill cannot yet support park development. The solar project is not a park project. It is located at a site designated for a future park. The time period for the solar use may extend beyond the landfill closure period, depending on the progress of post-closure activities.

Last year the City Council looked at a two year study conducted by the Community Development Department to move the zoo to Sutter’s Landing site for a modest expansion of the zoo, those plans never moved forward.

This project would include a viewing platform for the public to use.
Solar Photovoltaic Park Environmental Impact Report

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Anonymous said...

I read this blog and they state this garbage dump was used for non-hazardous waste. I don't know how anyone can say that. I know for a fact that the methane taps are constantly getting clogged with various greases and oils that are leached out of this place on a regular basis and the "slug" of toxins and heavy metals flows out into the American River on a regular basis killing both wildlife and plants along that stretch of river. Sometimes when our crews are out on cleanup you can smell the stench. You see what looks like an oil slick coming out of the side of the levee and flowing into the river. Between that mess and the old downtown railyard poisons (asbestos, perchlorates, voc's, and all the other hazardous waste dumped there over the years) I warn people not to eat fish from around there or anywhere downstream.