Friday, November 04, 2011

Bridging I-5 Project

The city has completed the environmental documents and Project Report for the Interstate 5 Riverfront Reconnection Project (T15998100) and identified first phase elements for final design. The next phase of work required to move towards project construction and completing final design.

The City’s October 5th Preservation Commission meeting unanimously approved a motion to support the project, with recommendations to: Continue refining the design of the new 2nd Street/Capitol Mall intersection connecting structure and related fixtures per the concept design presented; continue to build upon the proposed preliminary design concepts that use design and materials vocabulary from the significant features, characteristics and spatial relationships found in the Old Sacramento Historic District, though consider simplifying designs of various elements and to reference, versus copy, historic elements.

Design the project to ensure the continuation and development of high quality historical interpretive and tourism events and programming in Old Sacramento. Coordinate final designs with CDD Preservation Staff, Staff from the Convention, Culture & Leisure Department including the City’s History Manager, and with staff from the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Reduce the number of streetlights proposed on the new 2nd Street/Capitol Mall intersection connecting structure. Consider allowing the new N Street bridge’s structural elements be its design, versus through other fixtures or too many other fixtures on the bridge.
The “Bridging I-5” Project has a total budget of $5,330,512, consisting of local transportation funds, tax increment funding, federal funds and state funds. Federal demonstration funds for this project will expire October 2012. Staff is seeking an extension of these funds for final design.

Front Street/Neasham Circle
Front Street would be realigned, beginning at the existing intersection at O Street to the new Capitol Mall intersection, with a new viaduct constructed above the existing portion of Neasham Circle between N Street and Capitol Mall. This new viaduct is proposed to be approximately 40 feet wide and 380 feet long and would include one lane of traffic in each direction and a pedestrian sidewalk along the west side (see cross section on Figure 4). The existing portion of Neasham Circle beneath this new viaduct and would remain for bicycle and pedestrian use. The new Front Street viaduct and the new 2nd Street connector extension to Capitol Mall would then become the main north/south through street connecting Old Sacramento to areas to the south. Existing Front Street from O Street to the Embassy Suites hotel would remain open for parking and would end in a new cul-de-sac on the south side of the Embassy Suites hotel.

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