Friday, May 04, 2012

16th Street Streetscape Plan

Next Tuesday the 8th, the City of Sacramento will move forward with plans to improve the streetscape and pedestrian friendliness of 16th Street, the City has evaluated a conceptual plan provided by Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) and then developed 30% design plans as well as completed environmental review for streetscape improvements on 16th Street from “S” Street to the Capitol Avenue/ “N” Street alley.

The 30% plans show the preliminary design of new streetscape enhancements along the corridor: including new streetlights, curb extensions, landscaping, and traffic signal upgrades. Funding for the projects being provided by CADA in the amount of $160,000. Sacramento Granicus 

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Anonymous said...

There's also a large amount of funding for this project coming from the State. The Strategic Growth Council is having a meeting this coming Thursday in support of this and other projects across the state.