Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fred Mayes Jewelers Clock Restored

Last week City of Sacramento restored the historic Fred Mayes Jewelers clock to its home at 10th and J streets. Time stood still for the mid-20th century clock for 15 years until repair work began last June. The clock was returned to the period of its historical significance. – the art deco style popular when it was designated as a City historic landmark in June of 1982.

The clock is likely more than 100 years old, although the first clear evidence is a 1924 photo of the clock in its original design in front of 1009 K St., its original location. The clock on K Street was located outside the Wiesen and Monk Jewelers until the business was moved to its current location at 10th and J in 1946. It stood outside the one-time Mayor Art Monk’s jewelry store. The jewelry store was purchased by Fred Mayes in 1963. Mayes donated the clock to the City of Sacramento in 1993. Mayes retired in 1998. The clock’s exterior is different than when it left for the foundry in June. As historical experts recommended, a stainless steel case be added to prevent vandalism and preserve the original parts.

Some of the parts of the refurbished clock are new and others original: The mechanical clock movement has been replaced with a modern electronic movement, which will not require winding. The clock will keep accurate time through GPS and will automatically correct itself after power outages or time changes. The imported Italian neon will highlight the art deco engagement style ring design topped off with an illuminated diamond solitaire.

Above info provided by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership

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