Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Exceptional Opportunity

1118 - 1128 7th Street, Sacramento, Ca 95814

Ladies and Gentlemen, do I hear $3.5 million dollars, now $3.5 million, now $3.5, will you give me $3.6 million? Don’t worry about how much you’re spending, the cashier is keeping track for you. This site at 1118 - 1128 7th Street adjacent to the arena projects is up for sale for a yet to be announced price. My inquires with the listing agency have not been returned so I'm guessing here. In 2005, 1128 7th Street sold for $3 million, so selling both 1118 and 1128 together next to the new arena should fetch a nice figure.

How could any investor not jump on this opportunity?

Going once, going twice, sold?
1118 - 1128 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 - Potential future hotel,
residential or mixed-use site 

1 comment:

wburg said...

No wonder the recent owner never bothered fixing anything, or moved forward with a project...sounds like a "pump and dump" to me.