Tuesday, July 29, 2014

McKinley Village

McKinley Village

Site grading is still on track to begin within the next few weeks with the first homes to be built next year. With a total of 336 homes and an investment of nearly $135 million, this project will turn what has been an orchard and grassy area into suburban style development in the central city.  http://mckinleyvillage.com/faq.html

By contrast, the Centrage project proposed in the late 1980’s planned over 1 million square feet of high-density office, commercial, and residential uses, including 19 story office towers, a 20 story hotel, and 1,000 residential units costing $350 million. I think Sacramento once again missed an opportunity when this was rejected by the City Council shortly after the city’s Planning Commission voted 6-3 to support the project as well as the environmental community.

Centrage Project proposed for the current McKinley Village site in 1988

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