Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yamanee Midrise Approved Again

Round two of the Yamanee approval saga was a mighty blow to those trying to protect midtown from 14-story midrise. This last stand for preservationist and neighborhood associations ended as it began, with the city standing behind the proposal. The united City Council voted in favor of the condominium project despite its height, which would be about 76 feet taller than an apartment complex across the street.

The developer now needs to get financial backing and permits before demolition of the existing buildings can begin. If all goes as planned, the developer hopes to break ground in spring of 2017. As I have said before, this project along with others in the proposal process might not get built because of slowing market conditions, but this seems to be a common occurrence here in Sacramento where economic cycles peak about the time when many developers begin the proposal process. The last cycle left more than a dozen projects on the drawing board downtown as the economy took a dive.

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