Thursday, July 14, 2016

$1.3 Billion For Three Projects

California’s new state budget has big plans for Sacramento. The Department of General Services believes one of the three projects proposed will be underway before Governor Brown leaves office and within the urban core. The $1.3 Billion includes:

– A new 650,000-square-foot office building to house about 2,800 employees currently in the aging state Resources and Bonderson buildings downtown;

– A new 205,000-square-foot office building for 1,100 employees in the Bateson building, another aging state structure

– Renovation or replacement of the Capitol’s eastern annex, which dates to the 1950s.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, “Within a year, we’ll have a much better idea of what it’s all going to look like with work underway within two and half years.” I personally hope they do not demolish the Resources Building at 1416 9th Street.  Yes, it is in horrible condition and needs some serious work, but it’s bones are strong and can be upgraded like many other offices in the downtown area like both the two 18 story towers at 714 P Street and the DMV headquarters on Broadway in 2010. If torn down, it will be a loss to the cities already struggling skyline.

UPDATE: The Planning and Design Commission won’t be reviewing the Vanir Tower project till maybe September.

State Building 8 & 9 on the left with the Resources Building in the center
and State Capitol on the right.

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