Friday, June 16, 2006

The Docks Area Project

At the request of John over at Uneasy Rhetoric, here is some info on The Docks project on the Sacramento River.

The developers have been choose for this venture, KSWM Docks Partners, LLC, which includes Kenwood Investments. They are the same group of people that redid the Ferry Building in SF and are redeveloping Treasure Island as well.

There is some good info on the city economic development website for this project

The Docks Area Project

I can't imagine this is an easy one to get done. Considering it's on the river, I think there dozens of state and federal agencies that need to be worked through in order to get approvals and everything in order for it to happen.

Such is the norm in Sacramento anyway...

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TowerDistrict said...

Not just the agencies involved in this, but the matter of moving all the industrial mess out there. I went to the brew fest out in miller park a couple weeeks ago, and had the pleasure of walking through all the oil storage tanks there. reminded me of my days in lovely martinez :)

anyway - if you've been out there, you can certainly sympathize with any delays and snags this project may hit. Frankly, it looks near impossible - but I can't wait to find out more.