Monday, June 19, 2006

There is a new kid in town. Sactown Magazine

I found this article to be very interesting.

Young, educated and well experienced people moving back to Sacramento and using their entrepreneurial ambitious to do something exciting in our city.

Thank God they are looking to do something different from Sac Mag. That magazine has been a joke for years now.

From the looks of it, a lot of the content is around downtown and midtown, which naturally will make me an avid reader.

Right now you can get 6 issues for 50% off cover if you get in now. I gladly forked over my $12. I'm always down to help local start ups like this. I encourage anyone interested to please sign up.

Good luck!


Couple prepare for new magazine
By Bob ShallitPublished 12:01 am PDT Monday, June 19, 2006

Sacramento's crowded magazine market is about to get a new entry -- a city mag called "Sactown" that, its backers say, will be as "smart, sophisticated and sexy" as the region it's covering.

Behind the new venture are a couple of magazine veterans, Rob Turner and his wife, Elyssa Lee. Turner is a Sacramento native and UC Davis grad who worked in local publications, then moved to New York to write for Smart Money and Money magazines. Lee has worked at Money and currently is a contributing writer for InStyle magazine.

The couple began developing plans for their new pub after moving back to Sacramento two years ago.

The two "co-editors" envision a magazine that covers arts, politics, architecture, fashion, food, business and music -- with a "constructively critical" eye."

Sacramento has such amazing potential," says Turner. "All the pieces are in place for it to be a great city, even though we're not quite there yet."

What will set Sactown apart from other local glossy lifestyle and business publications? For one thing, Turner says, the magazine is aimed at a slightly younger readership, the 20- to 40-year-old crowd. And, he says, it'll be driven more by content and less by the dictates of investors or advertisers.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur says he and Lee will recruit top writers to bring a level of sophistication that competitors can't match. Some of the writers will be local. Others will be the couple's magazine colleagues in New York and other cities.

Where's the money behind the venture? Turner's being coy about financing right now. But, he says, "we're well-funded" -- sufficiently enough to lease the top two floors of the historic Elks building downtown. They started moving in last week and will begin working on the first issue, which will debut this fall. The plan is to issue Sactown bi-monthly the first year, then become a monthly. Until then, they've got a Web site up and running:

"We are doing this," Turner says. "It's not some pie-in-the-sky thing we're hoping to do."

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