Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Renderings of The Metropolitan

This is John Saca's third project that you have probably heard the least about.

Obviously, The Towers and the K Street project grab most of the headlines, but this one is on an equally blighted part of downtown that included the old Biltmore Hotel.

Thanks to joninsac over at for finding these.

The Metropolitan Kwan Henmi is designing a new 650,000 square-foot, 38-story condominum tower at 10th & J Streets in Sacramento, California. This tower is one of the many new residential buildings emerging in the city’s downtown area, only a few blocks away from city hall and the state capitol. The building will provide the growing residential neighborhood with 350 regular and loft units. The loft units and parking are located in the building podium. Amenities include a gym and roof-top swimming pool

I really dig this one a lot. Not only does it clean up some very blighted parts of downtown, I think it looks awesome. The shot of the building in the nights sky looks great


Carl said...

The building does look cool and that corner has got to be one of the worst looking and most visible downtown. However, someone REALLY needs to start planning/building some middle class housing downtown. It's great that Aura and the Towers sold well and are under construction. But the market for luxury housing is by definition a small market. The builders are going to saturate that market, and to their own detriment, leave the HUGE middle to upper middle class housing market out in the cold.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

I completely agree, Carl. If it can't work financially for developers, the city should start encouraging developers with redevelopment money to make it happen. That's what the money is there for.

From what Saca has said, The Metropolitan will be a step below The Towers. So I guess that could maybe include upper middle class types

I think Library Lofts on I Street and Cahedral Square are going to fall into the middle to upper middle class range as well.

The other one that I think will come in a portion "affordable" is Saca's K Street proposal. He has said that project will target a completely different market.

I have to imagine he is going to want a subsidy to build on K Street. If that happens, 20% of the units must be for middle and lower incomes.

kit said...

I would say your options for middle-class living are going to have to center around midtown and the new projects to the North of downtown.

You can read about some of them here:

Richards Blvd Plans

Railyards Plans

(If you don't have a login to, go here)