Thursday, June 15, 2006

Map of Major Downtown Developments

Thanks to "E" for this great diagram of major developments that are on the drawing board for downtown.

Some of the smaller infill developments are not included on here, but you get the idea of how much is really be proposed right now.

Not including the Railyards, we are looking at over 3200 units, over 800 new hotel rooms, tens of thousands of retail square footage, and almost a million is new office space. How much will actually happen? Time will tell. From the looks of things though we should have a major population boom in the next few years.

Those number don't even include the numerous other projects under construction right now, like the East End Gateway, 800 J Lofts, and 1801 L Street. Or the others proposed like the 130 units by CIM at 10th and K, 21st and T Townhouses and 130 units at 16th and N for the East End Gateway site I

Btw...does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on with sites 1 and 4 of the East End Gateway? CADA is extending a FIFTH exclusive right to negotiate with Lambert Development tomorrow on those sites. Are they even serious about developing them anymore?


TowerDistrict said...

I don't understand what you mean by "extending a fifth exclusive right to negotiate".

do you mean CADA is selling off the property?

LivingInUrbanSac said...

A ERN is basically an agreement to negotiate with just Lambert on the sites. They were awarded the ERN back in 2003, so there has been 3 years of negotiating.

Granted, I have not been to a CADA meeting in a long time to hear the progess, but it seems like it's time to figure out what is going on.

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

What's the deal with the "Docks" area? I vaguely remember reading something but can't remember what it was.

Anonymous said...

The ERN was extended because the 1.4 million project subsidy, which made the goals for the 1 and 4 projects feasible, was removed to increase the subsidy for sites 2 and 3. The feasiblity of EEG sites 2 and 3 changed because of the increase costs from building a parking garage for the project that is not effecient from a construction standpoint.

Now CADA must look at its goals for housing units vs. what Lambert can produce on the sites. The talks will also involve what ways the project can be financed to make the project more feasible.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Thanks for the update on those sites. I am so enamored with seeing these 4 sites all developed.

Do you know if there had been any discussion on what the timeline is now?

I have seen renderings for site 4 and know that site was included in the EIR along with site 2, 3 and a garage, but I have seen nothing on site 1

From what I remember, Lambert wanted to do site 4 first, then see how things look for site 1