Saturday, September 06, 2008

500 Capitol Mall Granite & Glass

The granite and glass are going up quickly on Sacramento’s newest high-rise and using premium materials in the process. The granite for instance, has been mined in Brazil and then finished in Italy. Not since 1990 when the Well Fargo tower was built has granite been used for the skin of a building in downtown. The over all tower design has a bit of an 80’s feeling to me and looks fine so far. I’m curious to hear what others are thinking?


Levi said...

I am really hoping the blue is just some sort of protective covering that will come off. Its cheap looking.

BellaBroom said...

"The granite for instance, has been mined in Brazil and then finished in Italy"

Doesn't sound very green for a city trying to be one of the greenest cities in California.

Jake Favour said...

Much of the worlds granite comes from Brazil. Where as Italy is more widely known for its marble quarries. Finishing is often done in Italy, for a variety of natural stones. It's done out of necessity, not by choice, as the Italians own a vast amount of finishing facilities that require much different equipment than a quarry. Granite is quarried in large blocks, then shipped to be cut and polished for commercial use.

Didn't AKT clad the 1 Capital Mall building in granite just a few years ago?

Zwahlen Images said...

Hi levi, do you mean the blue above and below the windows? When the glass reflects the sky this building looks nice. But when it's reflecting another building or a darker object, those bands of neon blue glass can give it a cheap quality. This window treatment style is quite common in other cities; this neon blue color really stands out in this situation though.

Hi Jake, I believe One Capitol Mall has granite on the first two ground floors and precast concrete walls for the floors above.

Chris Holt said...

I do think it has a very 80's feel. I think it is the granite...and more specifically, the color of granite that has been chosen...straight outta tha 8-0!