Monday, September 22, 2008

Railyards Accomplishments Party


The Last Patriot said...

They accomplished to make the taxpayers pay tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars for infrastructure so this developer can make hundreds of millions in profit...and all the while shutting union labor out of the project. Great Going Fargo!

The Last Patriot said...

I forgot to this open to the public or for only to the select few who helped pick the taxpayers pocketbook?

Zwahlen Images said...

Since the 1940's taxpayers have been footing the bill for infrastructure of new developments weather it's in the suburbs for track homes or infill in the city. I believe it's the developer’s choice whether to use union labor or not right?

If you RSVP you should be able to go unless they have a huge turnout and have to turn people away.

The Last Patriot said...

"I believe it's the developer’s choice whether to use union labor or not right?"

Well yes of course...if the taxpayers weren't footing the bill...but they are.. So Davis Bacon or California's Prevailing Wages should be paid if the project is being supported with taxpayers dollars.

Otherwise, why dot you folks just go down to Home Depot and hire illegal immigrants...oh..but I bet you already thought of that...that's why they refuse to sign a labor agreement.

Kevin Johnson would, that's why you guys support Heather Fargo

Zwahlen Images said...

Just because taxes are paying for infrastructure doe's not mean California's Prevailing Wages should be paid. If this was the case, then the lawmakers would have made a law saying so. I find it hard to believe that you know for certain that the whole Railyards development will be built with none union jobs... the developer has not even chosen all the materials to be used or final design for the project yet.

I don't believe anyone has stated whom they support for mayor on this blog except you.

Central City said...

I have no problem with the infrastructure being paid by taxpayers , it does benefit the city and its taxpayers to extend our grid .

I only object to any big box in the rail yard - hint hint - Bass .

Deal breaker for me and frankly im surprised it was even an option .

Chris P. said...

It will be fascinating to see what finally happens with this project. The City of Sacramento had a booth at the 2006 American Planning Association Conference in San Antonio where they described the railyards as a done deal. The time scale of "a done deal" continues to surprise me.

The potential for something hugely beneficial to the City gives me great hope. The use of taxpayer funds to prod this urban brownfield project along seems much more wise than building more infrastructure (sewers, water lines, and schools)to push the Natomas fringe further north into productive farmland.