Thursday, September 11, 2008

The new B Street Theatre

More renderings of the new B Street Theatre.

Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects

Services Employed: Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design

CLIENT GOAL: Design a flexible, high quality performance space for this innovative theatre company that has been recognized as one of northern California’s top professional theatres.

DESIGN RESPONSE: The project is on a half-block site in midtown Sacramento. There will be two performance venues for the B-Street Theatre on the ground floor and five floors of condos, approximately 95 units, above. The sale of the condo units will help to subsidize the construction of the theatre space. The full theatre space is approximately 50,000 sf - the thrust stage will have 250 seats and the proscenium will have 350.


Zwahlen Images said...

That looks nice, I really like it. Even though things are tough in the housing market right now, I bet these condos would do better than most. I can't wait to see it someday.

Chris P. said...

Is this the project that is tied into the Sutter expansion project, or is this an upgrade to the existing facility on B Street?

The design is very appealing seems like a welcome addition to the area. I am curious though to see what the back of the building will look like.

Zwahlen Images said...

I would imagine that the lower two or three floors facing the alley would be a concrete wall. The top five floors look to be the same all the way around the building.

firsttimehomebuyer said...

Looks beautiful!