Monday, February 26, 2007

Joie de Vivre Names its Sacramento Hotel

The Citizen Hotel

I have totally dug everything about this project and was one of my favorites out there, but I'm a little disappointed the name. I guess if that is the worst thing that happens, it'll be a success though.

I was just expecting something different. Not sure what, but just something different for the name. It seems so, 'shit, I can't think of anything, let's just name it the Citizens Hotel'

At least it wasn't named something ridiculous and tacky like, "Capitol Hotel", "Governors Hotel" or "Hotel Sacramento" I'm sure the name will grow on me, but my first reaction was eh.

In all though, I still can't wait to gete a look of the inside when they open.


Bob Shallit: Citizen Hotel name chosen to reflect Sacramento
By Bob Shallit - Bee Columnist

It's a little different, Chip Conley admits. But he says the name he's selected for the boutique hotel his company is opening downtown next year is perfect.

The Citizen Hotel.

"It's iconic -- a name you'd use in Sacramento and not in other places," says the CEO of Bay Area-based Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which is remodeling an 82-year-old office tower at 10th and J streets into a 197-room hotel with five penthouses and a terrace overlooking the Capitol.

The name was the result of a lengthy process that included meetings with hundreds of Sacramentans. It's intended, Conley says, to reflect the pride locals have in their city as well as the role Sacramento plays as a site of political discourse.

The interior design is not finished, but Conley has a few details. The lobby will have the look of a "private law library," he says. A staircase will lead to a mezzanine lounge -- "a great perch to see the celebrities checking in," he says.

The overall feel of the place?

Sort of like Sacramento itself, the CEO says.

"It will be classic and timeless on the outside -- all-American and slightly traditional," he says. "But when you look under the surface, you'll see something more hip and sophisticated with a lot of surprises."


Central City said...

I actually liked it . I couldnt really come up with anything myself , so maybe thats why . I think it will end up growing on you .

Its pretty safe , yes . but it is traditional and in some ways I think it invokes a certain character not just in the building but the city .

wburg said...

I like the name. We used to have a Hotel Sacramento, along with the Californian, the Clunie, the Land, and other buildings from the era when the hotels now known as SROs were classy destination hotels. The Marshall was originally known as the Clayton, named for Dr. Marion Clayton and his wife who operated a sanitarium there in the 1870s, but was changed around the time of California's centennial when a lot of businesses slapped Gold Rush related names on in order to attract tourists.

The "Citizen" name reminds me of similar boutique hotels in San Francisco, like the Chancellor. I think they definitely pegged the Sacramento attitude: a bit staid on the surface, but with surprises that appear once you get closer.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

I agree, I think they got the look, feel, and attitude perfect. The couple times I met Chip I really liked him and I know he is going to do a really good job with the finished product.

I don't know, for some reason the name just didn't hit me with a "YES!" when I first saw it.

Like CC, I couldn't really come up with anything myself, and I had such high expectations that they would pick a name that would make me go "WOW" It just didn't quite happen for me.

The name in the end is a pretty minor component of it, esp if they get everything else right, which I think they have. I'm sure I will come around sooner or later.

Zwahlen Images said...

It doe's nothing for me. I wish they did not prime us up months ago by saying the new name was going to be 'iconic'... that set my expectations higher than needed be :(

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Okay, I'm starting to admit that the more and more I saw things like...

"The Citizen"

"Why don't you book a room at The Citizen?"

"You need a place to stay? how about The Citizen on J Street?"

"The wedding reception is at The Citizen"

"Let's get brunch at The Citizen"

more it starts to roll off my tongue and actually sounds good.

Zwahlen Images said...

Conley also says "But when you look under the surface, you'll see something more hip and sophisticated with a lot of surprises."

I know this is about marketing his new hotel, but now he's telling me there are going to be surprises... he better knock my socks off! ;)

kit said...

It sounds communist.

Carl said...

I like it. All of the other "Citizen" hotels are in other countries, so when you talk about it, you can only be talking about the one in Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't "Citizen" evoke the image of a guy in a double-breasted pinstripe suit and a fedora? Doesn't it sound like something gotham, like from an old noir film? I say, perfect!

This is a hotel that is historical- like it or lump it - and I dig it.

Check out that lobby!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, "citizen" is a word associated with the body politic and is suggestive of politics in general. Check out the definition:

1. A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.
2. A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there.

So, in another way, it's fairly appropo in a city that is so closely identified with politics.

Anonymous said...

In honor of Jerry Brown, it will soon be known just as "The Zen"

Eric said...

At least it's not "Hotel Tomato."

Kim said...

kit said...
It sounds communist.

February 26, 2007 3:39 PM

pretty funny kit,
triggers images of immigration issues to me... if your not a "citizen", can you stay there?
do they take your passport when you register?

Anonymous said...


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