Monday, February 12, 2007

Twisted 88's No More...

Apparently, Twisted 88's is already shutting down. The place is being turned into another upscale club/lounge with a Miami Beach theme.

Didn't Cabanna just open with the SAME motif?

Here is the rundown...

Located on 1616 J Street ..
Azukar Cocina & Bar will be Sacramento's Newest Miami Beach-inspired Dcor Restaurant and Lounge with over 12,000 square feet on two levels featuring 10 Bars, Ultra Lounge, Open Air Lobby Bar, Restaurant and Dance Floor with a capacity of over 1,000 guests..

Serving High End Mexican Cuisine in Sacramento's finest Location. Mikuni's , PF Chang's, Bistro 33 and Lucca's all in walking distance !! Azukar's ultra-chic design concept couples LED lighting with cutting edge d├ęcor. Jet-setters and Hollywood’s A-list flock to this modern space featuring Zen glass fixtures, natural hide sofas, dramatic columns, and a dramatic water wall.
add us for updates, VIP Specials and most importantly :

OUR GRAND OPENING : Early Spring 2007 ..


td said...

i never even made it inside Twisted 88's. but i had heard they weren't done with the interior and hadn't developed a complete menu. how is it even possible that a place could go out of business before they were even fully functional? what happened?

this new place sounds pretty cheezee. but i hate miami vice and find florida entirely unappealing. so it's probably not for me.... and that's fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had mixed feelings about Twisted 88s. The only other place I had ever seen like that was in Memphis on Beale St, and it was cheesy, and for drunk tourists (particularly college girls).

On the other hand, that place wasn't open for a single good-weather "Second Saturday." If it was open in, say, May it might've seen some good foot traffic. That corner is really good- hard to explain, unless it was simply a bad idea.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

I never made it into it either. I guess they didn't hit it off well.

Parlare is supposed to be opening soon as well. Lot of places going after that high spending Mason's/The Park crowd. Big investment to create something of that nature though.

At least it's good for competition and hopefully bringing the $15-$20 covers down a bit.

That Irish bar better not go the same route. An upscale Irish bar sounds sooooo wrong. It doesn't have to be a dive or anything like that, but if I had to pay cover to get into a pub, I would write it off automatically.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

"That corner is really good- hard to explain, unless it was simply a bad idea."

No kidding. There is a lot of built in traffic in that area.

I was walking home after Streets of London one night to see if I could get some pizza from there since they had slices. They wouldn't let us in though without pay a cover, even to just buy a slice of pizza at the counter that was right there as soon as you stepped in...that made no sense to me.

td said...

something must've gone wrong internally. i don't think they were even open for more than a couple months..

wburg said...


Jet-setters and Hollywood's A-list already flock there and the place isn't even open yet? Sign me up!

Color me profoundly unimpressed.

Kit said...

wburg, you beat me to it.

how pretentious is that? jet-setters and hollywood's a-list?