Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sutter Housing

Designed by LPA Sacramento

Project Description: This urban-infill project in Mid-town Sacramento features fee-simple, for-sale housing. The all-brick exterior ties in to the existing look of the neighborhood. The project met the challenges of creating attractive and marketable units within a dense environment and received strong neighborhood support.

Units range from 1080 s.f. to 1260 s.f. and include 4 duplex live/work units and 24 single-family, 2 bed-2 bath units. 12 units face directly to N Street and 20 units face raised landscape courtyards.

This project is currently underway and I really dig the brick exterior... I hope the brick looks genuine and not prefabricated.

Project Information:
Site Area: .735 Acres
Density: 43.6 Units/AC
Housing: 32,000 s.f.
Units: 32
Parking: 32


Anonymous said...

Yeah, brick rocks. It's a nice look. I think that I said something like this before, but dang I'd like to see some housing shapes besides squares and other things that look sorta like factories. Midtown is filled with lovely Victorian, Edwardian, Craftsman, Tudor, Mediterranean, Art Deco, etc. shapes. It would be nice to see some architects get inspired by the things that actually make Midtown the beautiful place that it is.

Geez, it's like these guys never heard of the term "roof pitch" before.

Zwahlen Images said...

I bet if it snowed in Sacramento we would see more 'roof pitchs' going on :)