Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sacramento Skyline

Despite several weeks of bad news concerning one project or another in Sacramento, work continues for three high-rise offices.

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621 Capitol Mall (US Bank Tower) 25 floors

500 Capitol Mall - 25 stories

CalSTRS Headquarters in West Sacramento - 19 floors


Anonymous said...

regarding 500CM, what further can they do now that there's an objection over its construction by Caltrans? I see they're excavating, but at which point must they stop because of this bureaucratic mess? Great shots. I love how fast 621 is going up.

GA said...

That's a good question. I have no idea. Maybe someone out there can let us know.

I'm sure we have all heard what SEIU did to the Sutter project...

x said...

Its not all doom and gloom , city council said Ok yesterday to the Aura loan if i heard it on NPR right .

Im sure we all hold hope that the towers will rise , but from the start it was ambitious . i still hold hope . I cnt help but wonder if he built the twins in phase ( 1 @ a time) if the same troubles would be dogging the project .

I have never been a fan of SEIU , not just because of their constant interferences (dont get me started ).

Zwahlen Images said...

Yeah, Aura got a loan with the understanding that they need to do allot of work in a short amount of time to get the money. That project has been stalled for almost a year, I'll get excited and believe it when the site is fenced off and piles are being drilled into the ground.

Anonymous said...

621 sure fills nicely a void there ..i had noticed that driving down south in I-5 the other day (that approach to the city is my favorite)...great pics as always zwahlen images