Tuesday, March 08, 2011

24th & T Courtyard Condominiums

This Thursday members of the Planning Commission will approve this controversial six condo project that has surrounding neighbors overwhelming opposed believing it will overburden the on-street parking in the neighborhood, and that the proposed architectural design does not blend with the surrounding buildings. The developer has meet with many of the neighbors to discuss the project in response to concerns over the original proposal for apartment units, so the developer is now requesting condominium units.

The design concept of the buildings is to echo the Prairie style mansions and some of the Art Deco apartment buildings in the neighborhood and by adding interest to the existing buildings with Tudor and Craftsman style architecture. The proposal also adheres to policies within the 2030 General Plan, the Central City Community Plan, Zoning, Multi-Family Design Principles, and Smart Growth Planning Principles.

The Commission has final approval authority for approval of the proposal but its decision is appealable to City Council.


late nite said...

FYI, I heard it was not approved. Hopefully, they can tweak it, and still get it built?

Zwahlen Images said...

Thanks late nite. The Planning Commision report hinted that it would be approved but there were also several groups and several letters of opposition that were vary vocal against this project. I hope something can come together soon.

Serviced apartments pattaya said...

Scraping the project altogether is not a good idea. I hope they will still get the condominium done with modifications that will satisfy the majority.

Coogee Real Estate said...

I just hope this issue will resolve soon - a solution that both sides can agree on.