Friday, March 25, 2011

Federal Funds Secured for Station Retrofit

The Sacramento Valley Station has locked in $10.4 million by the California Transportation Commission to structurally retrofit the depot with work expected to begin this summer. The $11 million project will have the remaining about due to paid for by federal funds, making up the difference.

The project calls for reinforcing the building to meet seismic standards as well as needed upgrades to meet modern accessibility standards. The city already has completed a structural investigation and engineering.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal; the Sacramento Valley Station is being turned into an intermodal hub that will handle Amtrak and Capitol Corridor service as well as light rail and bus services. The retrofit project is just the beginning of the larger project to create a hub for transportation.

City officials are seeking another $20 million federal allocation to put utilities and plumbing on the second and third floors of the depot to convert those to Class A office space. It’s all part of Phase II of the intermodal station project.

Phase I, the track relocation, took a major step forward at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Granite Construction was awarded a $41.5 million contract at for the related track relocation project..

Work on the retrofit project is expected to begin this summer and wrap up by the fall of 2013.

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