Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Zero-energy Homes Coming to R Street

With groundbreaking anticipated for May, this infill project located at 2500 R Street will feature 34 single-family homes with a LEED™ Platinum rating. Each home will contain a solar storage system using the latest in smart grid technology, solar generation and energy storage capability. The goal is to ensure each home generates as much clean energy as it uses, maximizing homeowner utility bill savings.

Pacific Housing Inc. (PHI), a California nonprofit dedicated to developing quality affordable housing, is developing the 2500 R Street project. PHI has selected Sunverge Energy which is located in Stockton as the primary renewable energy technology partner for this project. Here is a product data sheet offering more specifics about this energy solution called Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS).

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Landon said...

this is great! I am excited for the further development along R street.
It would be great if we knew more information about the stretch of R street from 19th to 16th street.
I hope that as the economy improves developers can move forward with this other sections of R street.